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Asking for someone to help is always an extra, but the point is in trying to keep things clean.
Like with any other form of OCD, you may need to find help through Therapy and/or Medication.
Specific forms of Behavioral Therapy show the best results.
(Look at the section about Treatment Options for OCHD.)

Finding a lasting solution/motivation is an important issue.

Some may feel the best solution would be to ask someone to clean the house for you and there are actual Professional Organizers that could tackle such problems.
But this isn't always a solution since this would only be taking away the result and not the cause.

If you are thinking of asking a Professional Organizer to come and help you, make sure you are dealing with a reputable company or people who know what OCHD really means. Chances are that the more they understand about OCHD and maybe work with psychologists, the easier it will be for you to ask for their help.

NOTE: Asking for this type of help is really only going to pay off if you also start some form of therapy with a Professional Mental Health Care Provider. While 1 goes without the other, your chances of keeping things tidy will increase by seeing a specialist who deals with people who have OCD.
These Professional Organizers may only take away the visisble side of OCHD, not the rest.

Here are some Organizations who will, for a fee, help you tidy your home:

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